Data Scientist | Associate Instructor

Data Science Immersive | Apr 2018 - Ongoing | General Assembly, Washington DC

·  Aggregating and cleaning data – collected, extracted, queried and aggregated large data sets for weekly labs and fortnightly projects

· Advanced statistical analysis using Python – regression and classification models, statistical inference and prediction, data dimension reduction 

· Modelling – created and implemented advanced models including GLM, polynomial, logistic, polynomial, LASSO, Ridge and ElasticNet

·  Machine Learning created and deployed supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement type algorithms Webscraping and Natural Language Processing – experience in web scraping libraries and NLP techniques

·  Neural networks and deep learning – exposure to cutting edge research on training neural networks for image and speech recognition

Senior Associate | Oct 2015-Mar 2018 | Chemonics International, Washington D.C.

Member of the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Office team providing uninterrupted supply of health commodities such as anti-retroviral medication, anti-malaria drugs, and contraceptives in Mozambique, South Sudan, Guyana, and Central America. 

· Oversaw entire financial cycle for four projects, process improvements resulted in increased project-wide reporting and forecasting accuracy to 90%.

· Assisted with planning and deployment the field offices for a $100 million project in Nigeria and $20 million project in Uganda including recruiting and onboarding approximately 100 local staff and evaluating multiple proposals in response to 17 tenders. Executed contracts with six local vendors.

Transaction Auditor | May 2014-Apr 2015 | Optimizer HQ, Auckland, New Zealand            

· Led company-wide anti-monetary laundering (AML) risk analysis. Scrutinized thousands of daily transactions for irregularities to prevent fraud at New Zealand’s homegrown competitor to PayPal.

Operations Advisor | June 2011-Dec 2012 | Starfish Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand

·  Managed operations for 25-person organization. Reduced head office overhead and increased programmatic resources. Conducted feasibility studies for new initiatives in Thailand and Sri Lanka including developing a supplier network and piloting community development projects.  

Project Manager   | March 2008-Jun 2011 | Woosong University, Daejeon, KoreaManaged process improvement functions within the business school.


Data Science Immersive | July 2018 |General Assembly, Washington DC

Data Science Immersive (DSI) is a 12-week programme focusing on the ability to analyze large data sets and convey data-driven solutions, then predict pertinent outcomes through modeling and pattern recognition. 
• Data analysis with Python libraries
• Machine Learning and supervised learning (Classification, Regression, Boosting, Decision Trees, Random Forests, SVM,Naïve Bayes, Ensemble Methods)
• Unsupervised Learning (Clustering, PCA, Dimensionality Reduction with t-SNE)
• Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Master of International Business |2006 Cohort | University of Auckland, New Zealand

Hybrid applied and research masters’ degree examining the facets of international business including economics, marketing, strategy, leardership and management theory.

·   Thesis: Determinants of trade flows of New Zealand between 1990-2005. Stochastic model analysis and hypothesis testing using the trade data for 60 quarters.

Bachelor of Arts |Mar 2003 | University of Auckland, New Zealand

·       A combined degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics


Languages: Python, Keras, SQL

Tools: Git, AWS, TensorFlow

Data Visualization: Seaborn, Matplotlib, Tableau

Machine Learning: Linear models, CART, Neural Nets, Dimensionality Reduction

Natural Language Process: Sentiment analysis , predictive word embedding, unsupervised text classification, recommendor systems

Data Analystics: Web scraping